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SEO price depends on many factors: on your position, quality of the site, competitors. That is why there is no idea to say the exact payment. But it will be from 1000 to 5000 USD a month. Also, the cost can change, cause We do different jobs. Also possible to make less fee if you want very low SEO.

First of all, Seosker agency checks the internal SEO of the first page, then others: title, description, keywords, content (text, photos, videos), links & navigation, speed loading, mobile and desktop version, structure, code. Then Seosker checks if the website has any filters of any search engines: Google, DuckDuckGo, Petal Search, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex. After that, the SEO specialist starts to work with recommendations to correct or delete mistakes and output under filters. Professionals use only white SEO! We know many secrets about how to do it perfectly. Sure, the last essential mystery Ingredient will keep with us.

Price for advertising with photos, text about you, with no follow the link from our site or link directly from image to your site 100USD/month

50 USD/2 weeks

100 USD/month

180 USD/2month

250 USD/3month

One time place your ad at the TOP before other ads – 1 USD, until another person will not do the same or new advertising appears.

Usual Google SEO in Europe & USA for any sites.

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