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Not everyone can understand the true soul of the TG: what they had to go through and how to decide to change sex and become transgender. This body is 2 in 1, both male and female, like a new space race. And this is not a halt halfway to gender reassignment; Transsexuals were just as planned.

T-girls was initially born a man. If Trans has made breasts and is using hormones, then keep in mind that you see not just a full-fledged woman with female logic but a Transgender. T-girl has a surplus of hormones, and she must fight them and throw them out—treatment rules: she. You can insult her if you call her he.

There is a small percentage of transsexuals with standard jobs. Unfortunately, prostitution is becoming the most affordable way to make a living, and plastic surgery. The exceptions are countries where their status in society is officially recognized.

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TS in the USA

US laws have undergone many changes in recent decades. They are dependent on the states but are generally very loyal and fully advocate for LGBT rights and against any discrimination.

According to the law of the cinema genre, the cast of the 1st and 2nd plan must necessarily include a representative of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transsexuals), racial and ethnic representatives, a person with disabilities. Without these rules, the film will not see an Oscar for Best Picture.

However, Shemales in the United States may still face legal and social challenges that straight people do not, especially in states with large conservative populations.

TG in Germany

From the beginning of 2019, a popular norm called the “law of sexual diversity” came into force in Germany. The new act enables parents to register their children as intersex and persons of undetermined gender from the very first days of their lives.

The German government approved a bill introducing a third gender in birth registration documents: in addition to “men” and “women,” a new clause called “other” or “various.”

Transvestites in Thailand

There are a lot of transvestites in Thailand in the popular resorts: Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok. The country is famous for adult entertainment and, if desired, you can find here as a partner, not only a person of the opposite sex or the same sex but also a Thai transvestite.

There is a version: the Thais are not wealthy people, with their own hands raising “ladyboys” from their sons with the sole purpose of making money. Therefore, the birth of a son in a family is a sad event since he will not earn a girl.

From childhood, parents begin to instill female skills in their child, grow his long hair, paint his nails, dress in women’s clothes, and in every possible way inspire him that he is a girl. And during puberty, Travesties begin to inject hormones actively, and in the end, they put them under the surgeon’s scalpel, so they finally rub their hands sweetly and start making money.

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